Perfect Grade

Here is the overview of the Perfect Grade RX-78 Gundam
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Core Block
Core Fighter

The Perfect Grade Gundam is almost that, perfect. The major alteration I made was lighting the coreblock.
Beyond that I tried to add as much detail as possible to increase the realism. I didn't use all of the decals provided
with the model as I felt the excessive about of decals made it look more like an Indy Pace Car than a Mobile Suit.
The entire model was airbrushed to give an even finish. I used Tamiya flat white and flat red. For the 'Gundam Blue'
I mixed 50% Gunze Sanyo flat white with 50% Gunze Sanya Bright Blue. For the yellow I used Model Master 'Insignia Yellow'.
For the interior mechanisms I used Tamiya silver with a custom 20% Tamiya flat black, 50% Black India Ink, and 30% water
'wash' to bring out the detail. On the outside armor I used black oil pastel to enhance the edges and bring variations in color to the  larger areas.
After complete assembly I used Armory Flat clear to seel in all the detail and help protect the finish.
The inscale Pilot figure came from the original 1979 1/60 Gundam.

Pilot: Amuro Rey
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