1/144 MS Team - Great Gundam Models and Info on how they did it.
Church of the Machine - Excellent Gundam Model Page
Child of Mecha - Mecha modeling forum and info site.
Cody's Coop - Incredible Garage Kit and Figure work
Great anime and mecha forum.
Kit Bash! - Use this banner to link to this site
Macross World - Great Macross Models and info.
Great forum to pick up tips for adult modelers.
Sogni di GUNDAM - bi-lingual sight with insights into kit building
Three Rivers IPMS - Great tips and member gallery.
Zoids Trader - An Impressive collection of RARE and custom Zoids

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E2046 - the Best place for recast resin models on the Web.
Hobbylink Japan - the ultimate internet hobby shop
Sasa VCD - Best source of anime VCD in the continental United States
Best source of US resin kits and more in the continental United States
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