Comedy Bits

"Only Disney could produce a movies that will give you both a  'buzz'  AND a ' woody' , and still get a "G" rating"  -- N. Ferguson

Neo Genesis Evangelion, - We've got our NERV
What they say about NERV remains very curious? Curious, you say?
Look, we've got  a 2 year operation trying to save Tokyo (and the world). And just look what they're doing.
Nike and Fifa put together could do a better job, after all, they've already hired tons of
14 year olds from strange foreign countries to do the work of adults...

You might be a model maker if........
You own enough plastic GUNDAM models to be a BANDAI stock holder 

Your one true goal in life is to be on the cover of Hobby Japan 

Your significant other refers to your current projects as "the children"

Your 2 cats sleep in empty Master Grade boxes