Gunze Mr Color - for the best quality, always a beautifully smooth  finish when dry, and no loss of detail.
Tamiya - very good quality (i don't recommend using lower quality than this), water soluble, airbrush quality finish every time with a regular brush.
Testors Model Master - oil based, will do if you cant find the above, best color "insignia yellow"
Armoury - great line of "washes" for adding realism, but there paints are better suited to lead miniatures

Standard Testors White -  takes forever to dry, but finishes nice every time
Squadron Green - ONLY USE ON RESIN MODELS - Gets hot as it dries.
Milliput - 2 part putty, can be used on any kit, great for filling in big areas, messy to work with

Always use camel hair brushes with water base paint!
Use Testors brushes only with oil based paints.

Glue and Adhesives:
Plastruct Plastiweld - the best for plastic models, makes joints seamless after sanding, needs 24 to dry for best results.
Jet - Super glue on steroids, bond everything VERY QUICKLY, including flesh, -Best on resin and vynal models
regular super glue - works in a pinch if you can't get the above.

Additional tools:
An air brush, even a cheap $20 one can lay down a smooth-seamless coat of white (or any other color) in minutes !!!
Exacto knives - great for trimming
A dremmel - the ultimate hobbyist power tool.
A set of small jewelers files - best for sanding items smooth - even in the cracks