Science Fiction
Sci-Fi models are where it all started for me. In 1979 my mother bought me a Star Trek the Motion Picture Enterprise model from AMT/ERTL. From that moment on, I was hooked into this hobby.

Most of my early models have either been destroyed, or are simply too embarrassing to post. I intend to add to this section as my collection grows. 



Star Trek

Botany Bay 1/1000

Klingon Bird of Prey 1/1000

USS Antaires 1/1000 as seen in the TOS Remastered Ep. Charlie X 

USS Enterprise 1/1000
Constitution Class

USS McCashin NCC-1948
1/1000 TOS Heavy Cruiser

USS York NCC-212
1/1000 TOS Cutter

Star Wars

A-Wing - Blue Sky's (RB26)

Stellar Envoy (FFG)

VCX-100 Blue Sky (FFG)

Y -Wing Fighter (MPC)

Sci-Fi General

Babylon 5 
Ivanova's Starfury

Gunstar 1 
from The Last Star Fighter

Narcissus Shuttle 
from Aliens

1/1 scale Pulse Rifle 
from Aliens

War of the Worlds
1/144 scale Diorama