USS York

Zephyr Class Cutter

Silver Medal Scifi Winner - Three Rivers IPMS 2009.

This is an original starship design set in a time in Star Trek mythology equivalent to the original television series .
The 3 and 1/8  inch long by 2 inch wide model is 1/1000 scale. This kit is made from all pare parts, with the exception of the warp engine which is a quick plunge mold of the SRS Antares engine. 2 LED's , one in the saucer and one in the engine,  along with fiber optic provide lighting. This started as me just playing with spare parts and at some point took on a life of it's own. Imagine my surprise when something I through together while I was waiting for paint to dry won a silver medal at the 2009 Pgh IPMS.

Zephyr Class Cutter
FASA STSTCS/RPG Stats are here..

size matters
In scale size comparison with 1/1000 Constitution Class


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