Macross 1/144
VF-19S - Gerwalk
Macross has produced a great number of designs and variations. Sadly, most of them have only been produced in resin, placing them out of financial reach of many fans. With the exception of a handful of plastic kits, the 1/144 scale market is no exception. In the long run, I should have just bought stock in TECT or Yellow Sub. and saved myself the trouble.

Fortunately , I have been able to amass enough VF's in 1/144 to make what I hope to be, eventually, a semi comprehensive 1/144 visual guide to VF's 1 ,4 ,5000 ,11 ,17 ,19 ,21 , and 22. If I get enough time, you may even see what all of these kit have to do with a 4x4 foot Formica table top ;)