Botany Bay
DY-100 Class
This is the 1/1000 scale Botany Bay from Mini Model Madness. The assembled kit is 100cm (4 inches) long. 

This little kit was inexpensive but wrought with problems. No part of this kit was symmetrical. The 5 separate cargo pods were all different shapes instead of being identical. And any surface details the original master may have had were replaced with 80% air bubble. I ended up filling all the air bubbles, sanding all the remaining bits of detail off -smooth, and re-adding it with carefully carved bits of styrene. I also took a little creative license and added the thrusts on the rear from left over Kotobukiya parts. The 4 solar panel-esq bits on the rear are MG Zaku detail verniers glued back to back and mounted on brass rod. After primer, the entire kit was sprayed Flat Gull Grey, washed with Citadel Codex Grey, and weathered with Tamiya weathering creams. Small dents, chips, and clumps of debris build up were added to give it the look of a ship drifting in space for over a century. The 'Botany Bay' name decals were ordered from Star Fighter Decals.  


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