Klingon Bird of Prey
(Im progress shots)

In Progress Pictures 
Attack Model
In Flight Model

About the model and design:

Mods I made before painting:
-Rebuilt the wing guns
- Sanded smooth the sensor strip area on both sides of the nose and 2 aft sections and replaced them with 20 gauge wire laid down in segments of 4 strips.
-Replace missing feathers on the wings with sheet styrene
- had to rebuild the lights on the wings
-added missing details and 'bumps' to smaller wings below the engines
-replaced cloaking generator with plastic coated metal wire, bent to shape to match
- Designed decals for the front of the wing baffle to simulate the geometric line pattern

Paint: (sorry, I don't remember the exact ratios)
Body and wings....
-Primer: Tamiya grey spray can, -- everything from here on out was hand brushed with mostly Games Workshop acrylics and a Wet Pallet.
- Base coat: Tausept Ochre
- the lighter color green for the body was: Camo Green + Scorpion Green (this will appear too light at first, and that's normal)
- the darker color green is : Orkhide Shade + Hawk Turquoise + Skull White (this will look blue when applied, and that's normal)
-Thraka Green wash applied to all the light and dark green area, this makes the lighter green the correct shade and the darker green/blue take on the needed greenish tint
-grey/white panels/feathers: VERY LIGHTLY applied 10% Skull White wash
-Wing Feathers: Blood Red
-raised metal detail parts, like the zipper on the lower hull and the side of the guns: GunBolt Metal
-Coat all the above with a Devlan Mud Wash, do a single coat to each piece at a time, do not allow to pool in areas. You don't have to do the whole kit at once. You can do the top of the wings, then the bottoms later, etc...
-Engine block: Fluorescent red and fluorescent yellow, allow to dry then dry brush Gunbolt Metal across the raise areas and tombstone shaped bits..
-Wing Binders: Chainmail
                       a wash of Gunbolt Metal
                       thin drybrush wash of rust and metalic blue, especially on the front
                       heavy wash of Charcoal
                       Apply Future with brush, then decals 1 day later, then 1 hour later top coat with future after an hour. Parts that appear  white on decals are actually clear and will allow rust/blue/metal to show through
-Cloaking generator and detail bumps: Scab Red
-add additional wash 10% Black LIGHTLY APPLIED, Sepia, Devlan Mud, as needed.
-Windows: White Ink
-Running lights: White Ink topped with a touch of Fluorescent Yellow
-Acrylic Dull coat.
-Add LIGHTLY some wear with Tamiya Pastels: Soot, Rust, etc...
--Acrylic Dull coat.

There were so many pictures for this kit, that I had to split them into 3 galleries:
In Progress Pictures 
Attack Model
In Flight Model


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