USS McCashin
Ireland Class Heavy Cruiser

The model is 1/1000 scale. The "to scale" dimensions for the ship are below:

Ireland Class Starship Statistics:
Length: 280 meters (model is 28cm)
Width: 132 meters (model is 13.2cm)
Height: 69 meters (model is 6.9cm)
Weight: 174,315mt
Cargo Capacity: 19,500mt
Crew Compliment: 460 Total
-Officers: 50
-Non Commissioned: 410
-Dual Impulse Drives linked to ships power grid
-Tandem Warp Propulsion Units (Port/Starboard)

Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp 7
Emergency Speed: Warp 9

12 (Minimum), 6 each in two independant bays.
Phaser Banks: 7 banks of 2
-Upper Saucer: Forward, Port, Starboard
-Lower Saucer: Forward, Port, Starboard
-Star drive section: Aft below Impulse Engines
Pulse Mega Phasers: 2 emplacements
-Upper Port side of Saucer, Forward  Arc Only
-Upper Starboard side of Saucer, Forward  Arc Only
Photon Torpedo Launchers:
-2 Forward
-2 Aft

USS McCashin - Ireland Class Downloads
-- Click here for a PDF explaining the Star Trek pseudo-technology behind the design. --

-- FASA Star Trek RPG ship stats (STSTCS). Click here and enjoy! --

-- USS McCashin Wallpaper (800x600) --

Ship Design/Info
In Progress Pictures 
Finished Model Pictures 
Model Movies 

I first came up with the concept designs for this ship in mid 2004. These are the original concept sketches. They are rough, but I thought visitors may want to see where I was coming from with a lot of the design elements.

Ship Design/Info 
In Progress Pictures 
Finished Model Pictures 
Model Movies 
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