MS-05 Zaku 1
(Ranba Ral custom)
This is Ranba Ral's Zaku-1 custom as seen in the "Blood of Zeon" Playstation game. Converted from an HG Zaku.
The rounded shoulder armors came from a FG Zaku model. I cut off the spikes, filled them with putty and sanded them smooth.
Cut sheet styrene was added to  the Head for the rear antenna and the central visor support. The front antenna came (ironically
enough) from a gouf model. The gun was the standard one that came with the HG with pieces cut and assembled  differantly with
sheet styrene added at the back to balance the rifle and add effect. The backpack had  1cm cut off the bottom. I then filed the sides
evenly to reflect the new angles. The cockpit hatch cover was a recast of the scratch built cockpit cover used on the standard MS-05.
I also extended the poles on the feet using aluminum pipe.  This gave the feet better clearance and maneuverability.

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