Perfect Grade
GM Custom
This is a combination of a Perfect Grade RX-78 and a resin conversion kit from Hobby Fan. 

The conversion kit consisted of the head, backpack, knee armor, skirt armor, shoulder caps, cockpit hatch and rifle. One of the unfortunate side effects of this conversion fit is that all the opening panel on the PG have to be seeled in order to do the conversion. Unlike the B-club conversion kits, this conversion was a project and a half. None of the parts fit correctly, none of the parts wouldwork with the polycaps, and alot of detail work had to be added by hand. Making this a challenging, if not irritating project to complete.

Additional mods done by me include:
-The antenna and housing on the head.
-Redesigning the sides of the forearms with sheet styrene.
-Thruster cones in the rear crotch piece.
-Filling in and detailing the lower legs to match the GM Custom design.
-Triangular 'Katoki' points on the sides of the feet.

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