Shinji Ikari

Winner of  BEST CHARACTER FIGURE MODEL at Otakon 2004 !!!

This is a Thai recast of a 1/8 scale Shinji Ikari figure. I'm not sure who the original was released by. This is the first human figure I have airbrushed. Needless to say the flesh tones had a learning curve. 

I made one change to the kit before assembly. The four minus mold details on the shoulders where almost nonexistent on the original kit. So I drilled them out and replaced them with Kotobukiya minus molds. 

A lot of new painting techniques where used on this kit. I airbrushed the skin tones with 3 different shades of flesh. I used Alclad Chrome lacquer for the heart monitor on the center of the chest. And I used a single strand brush to paint the hair and deliberately leave ultra fine brush strokes in the pattern actual hair would lay across the head. The tight fitting 'plug suit' I envision as a spandex type of material, so I gave it a light semi gloss coat to leave a bit of sheen on it.

The paints used where almost exclusively Mr. Color, with the exception of the Alclad Chrome and Apple Barrel for the hair and eyes.

The base is a wooden base painted black and capped off with diamond deck sheet styrene that I used aluminum metalizer on to simulated aluminum deck plating. The NERV decal came from the LM EVA-01 kit and the 'Shinji Ikari' decal was custom printed on my printer. Both were applied with decals solution and top coated with Future to level off the edges of the decals.


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