Ramba Ral

Best Anime Figure - Wonderfest 2009

This is a 1/12 Jafcon resin figure kit by Chieri of Ramba Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam.

This is one of my favorite characters in all of anime, so I went out of my way to do my best on him. For the body and uniform I chose to do a Tamiya transparent smoke preshade over white primer. Then build the blue and red up gradually in layers to make is appear like the velour fabric from the series (with highlights and dark areas depending on how the light hits it, etc.)

The face was painted with a wet-on-wet technique using 5 different flesh tones. A similar technique was used on the hair with 3 shades of brown applied in combing pattern to simulate real hair.

The base is covered with the flag of the Zeon government he fights for in the animated series. Mobile Suit Gundam drew many parallels from World War 2. So it is no coincidence that the flag on the base resembles a Nazi flag. As the character of Ramba Ral was almost a caricature of Rommel in the desert campaigns.

The kit stands just under 6 inches tall. So when looking at the pics remember the head is the diameter of a US nickel.


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