"Major is there something you're not telling us?"

This is a 1/24th scale Tachikoma kit from Wave.

I started by drilling out the vent holes in the wrist and ankle armor. All the pieces that appear chrome on the kit are actually white plastic in the stock kit. I used Aclad2 Chrome and Aluminum to achieve the metal look. The blue is Tamiya Bright Blue. I drilled out the directional and tail lights on the pod and threaded them with fiber optic.  The pod contains a small circuit board I wired up with a  single LED, resistor, and CR2032 battery and holder. The LED and the fiber are tucked into opposite ends of a styrene  tube to conduct light to the fiber.

The figure of Mokoto was cast in rubber in the kit. To better pose and paint her, I made a silicon mold and recast her in resin. Then by heating the cured resin figure, I was able to repose her arms. The Bato figure was from a 1/24 scale toy, so  I just through him on the main  picture for effect.

The scaled down copy of Intron Depot 1 that the Tachikoma is readying was created from scan of the actual Intron Depot 1 books by Masamune Shirow, creator of  Ghost in the Shell. And includes pictures of Motoko posed with Fuchikoma, the manga  predecessor to the Tachikoma.


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