Gold Medal Winner - Three Rivers IPMS 2009

Best Out of the Box Mecha - Wonderfest 2009

Winner Best Mecha General - Tekkoshocon 2008

"Cast in the name of God... Ye not Guilty....."

Big O's formula of super robot gone art deco really worked for me. And this is a great kit from a great series. This is the Bandai MC Big O kit. It  just needed a few tweaks and had a nice perk.

The perk is that the pistons in the arms are spring loaded.

The mods made were the trimming of the neck armor behind the clear cockpit shield.  So you can see the tiny cockpit if you look closely. I also capped off the insides of the forearm shields with plastic sheet that I heated to match the curve.

Paint wise the following colors were used:
Body color, Navy Blue base with Panzer Grey over top.  Black trim. Alluminum for the pistons.  Chainmail for the Missile Party. Gold for the center chest. Red for area trim. And Clear Orange for the Chrome Buster and cockpit shield.


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