Master Grade
Zeta Plus
-Silver Medal Scifi Winner - Three Rivers IPMS 2004
This is a combination of a Master Grade Zeta Plus C1,  Master Grade Zeta Plus A1, HY2M light up head, and a resin copy of the MG Sen. Fazz head cannon I got from Zhoa Pan. 

The major modifications in this conversion are mostly on the head. I used the HY2M light up head from Bandai's HY2M set #2. However, I used a blue LED in place of the green one provided with the kit. I also mounted the completed circuit block 3mm lower inside the head. This places the LED directly behind the eyes instead of behind the head cannon, up in the forehead. 

The second mod is the cannon itself. The resin recast put me 80% in the ballpark, but it still needed extensive resculpting to match the line art in the Model Graphics mook. I had to add a small piece of styrene to the bottom of the cannon  to line it up with the bottom of the forehead. This ment resculpting the bottom half of the cannon, inside and out. And cutting a fresh opening to mount the Z+ antenna's on each side. 

Other minor mods, that I made include:
-Scribing additional panel lines on the chest.
-Piecing together rub on to get the 'A2' on the chest.
-Using sandpaper on the beam saber blade to give them a frosted look.
-Filling in and eliminating the seems on the sides of each leg.

Colors that I used on this model include:
Painters Touch Grey Primer - for the majority of the body and wings.
Tamiya Sky Grey - for the chest intakes and leg verniers.
Mr. Color Field Grey 1 - for all the joint areas.
The Blue for the head and feet, is a 50/50 mix of Mr. Color Bright Blue and Mr. Color Flat White.

The entire Models, was weathered by hand with black oil pastel, washed with Tamiya Flat Black, then sealed with Citadel Matte Coat -to add a protective layer.

Though I thought this would be a fast and easy project, this project took considerably more time than I had anticipated, mostly due to resculpting the head cannon. 

In the future, I intend to do a Master Grade version of my 1/144 Guinness Gundam.

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