Master Grade
Blue Destiny Unit 1
-Bronze Medal Scifi Winner - Three Rivers IPMS 2004
This is a combination of a Master Grade 79G and a resin conversion kit originally released by B-club. 

I made 2 major modifications to the conversion kit.

First, the original resin chest had the cockpit cast solid into it. Since opening cockpits are a staple of the Master grade line, I decided to hollow out the resin chest and install the cockpit from the 79G. As you can see in the pictures below, I also adapted the Master Grade's cockpit hatch and latching system to work seemlessly on the conversion kit.

Second, I spent over 2 hours hollowing out the visor area inside the head. I then severed the 'chin' piece and added some detail/camera work behind where the lenses would be. I then spent an additional 3.5 hours cutting and shaping a custom lens out of acrylic to fit over the camera area. I painted the newly created lense with Tamiya Transparent Green and re-assembled the head.

Other colors that I used on this model include:
Tamiya Flat Blue - for the Head, Chest, and Skirt armor.
Tamiya Neutral Grey - for all the joint areas and Thruster Pack.
The Blue for the arms and legs, is a 50/50 mix of Gunze Sanyo Bright Blue and Gunze Sanyo Flat White.

The entire Models, was weathered by hand with black oil pastel, then sealed with Armory Matte Coat -to add a protective layer.

This project took considerable time, but I am VERY  pleased with the end result. 

In the future, I may do a second version of this kit, either the BD-2 or BD-3

Click on smaller images below to enlarge.
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