Master Grade
GM Trainer Type
This is my Master Grade varient of the TGM-79 GM Trainer Type from the 1980's MSV books. What is interesting about this piece is that it is constructed entirely from left over parts from my spare parts box.

The main alterations to the pieces of the kits are the:

-Head, a piece of sheet styrene was inserted and filed into shape for the top of the visor area. Then puttied and sanded smooth.

-Cockpit Hatch, the main opening for the Gundam cockpit hatch was covered with sheet styrene and sanded smooth. A lower secondary hatch was then glued into place. And finally the upper cockpit hatch was carved out with an exacto knife and filed into shape. I then installed a 1/100 pilot and seat in to the upper area before covering it with clear acitate that I later tinted blue.

-Chest, the 2 tone white and yellow on the chest was achieved by masking the areas of the chest I wished to remain white with Scotch tape before applying the yellow. Additional panel lines were scribed in using an exacto knife.

-Thruster Pack, the bazooka mount on the right side was covered with plastic sheet and sanded smooth.

Color used include: 
White - Citadel white spray primer
Yellow - Model Master Insignia Yellow
Grey - Model Master Light Gull Grey
Joint Areas - Tamiya Metallic Grey
Lense Areas - Tamiya Transparent Blue

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