Blue Angels 2320 version.

- Gold Trophy Winner  - Wonderfest 2010

This is a Bandai MG GN-X from Gundam 00 - Done up in "Blue Angel" colors.

In Progress Pictures 
Finished Model Pictures 
GN Drive Movie (DIVX)

About the model and design:

The Blue Angels in the year 2320

Aside from the decals, lights, and custom paint scheme (the regular colors for the kit are light grey and white) the kit is built essentially stock. Styrene and or putty were used to cap/fill in the hollow areas like the back of the shield, etc. I added spun aluminum bits inside the cone shaped GN-drive on the back. These can be seen when the lights for the drive are on by looking at the cracks between the triangle shaped braces and the point of the cone. These parts and the 3 LED lighting system, (one orange always on and 2 red strobing in sequence to simulate gear like movement) accurately recreate the glowing orange/red hot areas at the base of the cone shaped drive seen in the Double ‘O’ TV series.

This kit is also my small tribute to Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Davis, Blue Angel number 6, who died in a crash during a performance in April of 2007 in Beaufort, South Carolina. This is why the unit number is 6 and his name can be found on the cockpit hatch near the top of the crotch. I was able to find older decals from a 2006 Blue Angels to use for this. The base is capped with a picture of a cloud scape I snapped out a plane window with a Blue Angels logo I edited in Photoshop, replacing the silhouettes of the F-18’s with GN-X (pronounced ‘Jinx’) mecha.

There were so many pictures for this kit, that I had to split them into 4 galleries:
In Progress Pictures 
Finished Model Pictures 
GN Drive Movie (DIVX)
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